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Wat Ohio Dhammaram Thai Forest Tradition and the teachings of Ven.Mun Bhuridatto.

   Wat Ohio Dhammaram is located at 1765 Huy Rd. Columbus, OH 43224. It's registered as a non-profit organization on November 30, 2007. It follows the Thai Forest Tradition and the teachings of Ven.Mun Bhuridatto. Wat Ohio Dhammaram is a branch of the Wat Ohio Dhammaram, located in Columbus, Ohio, and it is under the governance of the Dhammayut Order in the United States of America. Wat Ohio Dhammaram provides free meditation training to everyone (all nationalities), who are interested in Buddhism. 


1. To honor the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha.

2. To be a meditation training place for monks, Buddhists and people who are interested in meditation.

3. To spread the teachings of Buddha.

4. To support activities in the fields of social, educational, cultural, and other humanitarian services which are consistent to Buddhism.

5. To render spiritual assistance and/or counselling to members or any Buddhists in time of need.

Daily Activity

7:00AM   Monk does Morning Chanting, Meditation for 1 Hour 
9:00AM   Cleaning Duty
10:30AM   Food are offered to Monk, a sermon is given by the abbot 
7:00PM   Monk does Morning Chanting, Meditation for 1 Hour

On Sunday meditation training starts from 12:30 PM, Led by the abbot or designated monk. Listen to dhamma talks on audio CDs from famous monks.

Visitors can visit the temple from 8am – 9pm. During the chanting and meditation, it’s inconvenient for the monks to receive visitors or answer the phone. 

Phone Number: 614-263-6331 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


 "To improve oneself is to improve one's mind. The most important spot on earth is the mind itself, and it needs to be well-kept. Understanding the mind is seeing dhamma (the teachings of the Buddha). Seeing one's mind is knowing dhamma (the underlying order in nature and life). Knowing the mind recognizes the truth (liberate the mind from suffering). Once you reach a deep understanding of your own mind, you reach nirvana (a state of perfect peace). The mind is the treasure of all treasures so one must not overlook and should take interest in knowing the mind. If not, one is missing the point of being born."

Ven.Mun Bhuridatto 


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